Fast One Cycle Race results: Nolan Hoffman wins

Fast One Cycle Race results: Nolan Hoffman wins

Team BCX’s Nolan Hoffman won the 97km Fast One Cycle Race with a time of 2:11:46 in Meyerton today.

Cycling Box’s Tyler Day finished second, with Luso AC/DC Dynamics’ Calvin Beneke rounding out the podium.

BCX’s Marc Pritzen, who had recently just joined the team, and ProTouch’s Myles van Musschenbroek, made the first break of the race 37km in.

The two held their lead for 40km, before the chasing bunch caught up.

Hoffman came out on top in an 11-man bunch sprint, with about 20km left of the race.

Lynette Burger won the women’s category in 2:35:48, beating Heidi Dalton and Jo van der Winkel.

Stephan van der Walt and Nicola Mattheus each won the 49km race respectively.

Article By: In the Bunch

Results: 97km – Men

1. Nolan Hoffman 2:11:46
2. Tyler Day
3. Calvin Beneke
4. Jandrich Kotze 2:11:48
5. Clint Hendricks
6. Wesley Eslick 2:11:49
7. Myles van Musschenbroek 2:12:00
8. Chris Jooste
9. Jason Oosthuizen 2:12:02
10. Lean Janse van Rensburg 2:12:29
11. Werner Roux 2:12:30
12. Marc Pritzen 2:12:33
13. Martin Pieterse 2:12:34
14. Lionel Pinto 2:13:30
15. Adolph Krige 2:13:35