Morne in Spain Update #2

Morne in Spain Update #2

The 3 day tour, Vuelta a Navarra, was my second race here. Man was it tough.

Day 1: I felt very good and strong. In the break the whole day. Went for the KOMs and almost made the finish, but caught by the GC group with 10km or so to go and just couldn’t hang in over the last hill 3km to go, but I was on the podium as the most aggressive rider for the day.

Day 2: I really suffered. Got a bit carried away with excitement on day 1 and did too much and had nothing in the legs on stage 2.

Day 3: I felt much better again. So happy to see that. Could attack and race and help the team.

Overall I’m happy with the tour in general. Day 2 was a bit disappointing, but everyone was very nice and helpful throughout the tour. I’m very happy in the team and all the riders, management and staff so far has been nothing but great.

Story of the week:
There I was, in the bunch going flat out and I can’t help but overhear someone speaking English. Not just English, a distinct English. It was another South African. Not just from South Africa, but Pretoria. Centurion. My hometown. Speaking Afrikaans in Spain. That was pretty special.

Off the bike:
I’ve made quite a lot of friends here in Alsasua and I try to talk to as many people as possible. My favourite place is Akaita Cafe. The barista is very friendly, helps me with my Spanish and I enjoy talking to her. It is also always filled with people as it is one of the best Cafe’s in the area. So I meet a lot of people there and everyone has great stories.

My next races are on Saturday in Azkona and Sunday in Markina.

Till then