Morne in Spain Update #3

Morne in Spain Update #3

Since the last post there’s been a couple of races.

4 June, Azkona: 
It was a really up and down course. Normally to my liking, but for some reason my legs didn’t pitch up for the race. I managed to get into the break, but we were caught 10km to go on the same climb I was caught on the 1st stage of Vuelta a Navarra.

6 June, Renedo de Pielagos:
Today was good. Hilly course, but no big climbs. I followed a lot of moves the first 30km. Then the team came to help me and I sat in the bunch and tried to recover. I felt good and almost rode away with 3 other riders in final 5km. They sat up and I went again 3km to go. Caught by the bunch 1km to go. Jumped onto one of the lead out trains, got a bit boxed 500m to go. When the sprint started I passed quite a few riders and ended up 11th. Good confidence builder.

10-12 June, Volta Castellon:
Overall I’m happy with how I went in the tour. The sensations are there and I built a lot of confidence. I saw that I’m climbing good and I have the strength. I just need to be smarter and calm down more in the start (these are things I’m learning now) and I can see myself doing good in GC in the future.

I just need to get the injury I picked up after a training crash about 3 weeks ago. It started in my hip and moved to my left groin muscle now. The pain is really bad now. Can’t stand on the bike and can’t put out maximum power.

Story of the week:
What are the chances of meeting so many familiar faces in Spain? There I was racing. A small disagreement with another rider and one of his teammates tells me that it’s okay and not to worry about it. Who was this generous gentleman. Bernardo Ayuso. Better know in SA as Padkos. Was great chatting with him.

The next story is short, but has to be told. My normal coffee shop was closed on Sunday and I had to stop for coffee as it was a coffee shop ride. Makes sense, no? So I went to Ogi Berri (similar to a Mug & Bean). Only to find Julian Arredondo and Pablo Urtasun inside. After some photos and a chat they invited me to train with them in the future. How cool is that?

Life off the bike:
My flatmate and teammate, Oscar Gonzalez, has returned. And now that I can speak at least a little bit of Spanish we are getting along very well. He is such a cool guy and has a good sense of humour. Alsasua remains great. I love the town and people here. The team is still fantastic accepting me in every way. I also met Jorge Quintana, of Velofutor, at Castellon. Was great meeting him and talking for a bit. All in all I feel very at home here.

Till next time