Morne in Spain Update #5

Morne in Spain Update #5

It’s been a while, things have been busy and time is flying by.

In the mean time I’ve recovered from my injury, placed in the top 5 again, done a 16-17 hours of traveling in one day and spent some great time with my Dad and Chris Erasmus (his cycling buddy and a all round fun person) in Pais Vasco.

I’m happy with my performances so far. Slowly but surely I’m getting smarter and stronger and adapting to the racing.

Beasain 17 July:
It was 150km, 1800m of climbing and 6 classified climbs. Hot, just the way a Saffa likes it. The condition and motivation is sky high, as always. I rode smart up until 100km into the race where I countered an attack, after a selection was made over one of the climbs, looked back and saw that I was alone, in no man’s land, between the break and main group. At that moment all you can do is just take a deep breath and put your head down and go. So I went. Sure enough I was caught, hung on on the 3rd last climb, but the I knew I was in a bit of trouble now. And halfway up the 2nd last climb I lost contact with the front group. And that was that. I think I might have come in in 25th or something, but the main thing is that I feel quite good.

Story of the week:
There are so many in the time that has past. I got biltong from home (it’s like eating love). The great sponsors of Team Telkom, Biogen, found a way of sending me my favourite energy bars. The great tasting Nougat bar. An-Li Kachelhoffer sent me Pindakaas from Belgium (only my favourite and the best peanut in the world) along with a very special motivating note that will always stay with me.

But the highlight has to be riding with my dad in Spain, stopping at the coffee shop afterwards and and having a chat. It was so special having him here. Being able to give one of my best performances in a race in front of him. And most of all just being able to sit there and talk to my dad about everything. That is something money just can’t buy.

Unfortunately Volta Portugal u23 started and ended for me the day before the race started, but no worries. Fundacion Euskadi – edp was very supportive and immediately thought of another opportunity for me. On Tuesday I start Vuelta a Leon. I’m very excited and my motivation is as high as ever.

Till next time