Morne in Spain Update #6

It’s been a high speed couple of weeks for me with many emotions. My dad coming to visit. Saying goodbye to him again. 17 hours of traveling between Alsasua and Portugal in one day due to a small licensing problem. But now that it’s calm again for a while I look back with a smile on my face. It’s all part of the adventure.
Vuelta a Leon 19-23 July:
All in all a great tour for me. It had ups and downs, but the main emotion is satisfaction. Every day I felt good. Actually better and better. I’m extremely happy and satisfied with that as it shows great signs for the future.
Stage 1 I worked a lot in the start to try and make the break, but missed it as it came of an attack I had just followed. But then I got to do something I haven’t done in a while, sit in the bunch.
Stage 2 was another hectic start to try and help my teammate get in the break for the KOM points. First attack, flat out for 15km. Caught. Follow another attack and boom. I’m in the break. Then we got caught again. Stayed with our leaders. Accidentally slipped into a break again before the big clim, but by this time I was a bit spent. Out of the main group on the next climb (where we were caught) and then had to finish up the big climb plus 2km extra with some sections between 17-20% gradient. It was so hard.
Stage 3 was cool and calm up untill 50km to go where the cross winds came. But I felt good and strong. I helped our GC leader stay in position and did something I’m very used to, control the bunch for a sprint in the final 10km.
Stage 4 and still I felt really good, but a puncture and a chaotic crash left me behind a very confusing race and unfortunately I lost around 20-25min.
Stage 5 was a Mountain TT and again I couldn’t believe how good the sensations in my legs were. 4.5km flat, 4.5km up and 1km down. I came home in 18th. My numbers were good and more so I really enjoyed doing a TT again and having good sensations in a TT again.
Story of the week:
There I was. In the cafeteria of our hotel. A young Afrikaans South African. Hungry and tired after the battle only to find the greatest of meals you can give a young Afrikaans South African: steak en mash met groente. Dankie tannie. That was something. Enough to put a smile on my face and gas in the tank.
My next race is Hillclimb TT on Sunday and I can’t believe that July has come to an end.
Till next time
Buenos semana