Robyn de Groot takes the win at Telkom 947 MTB Challenge

Robyn de Groot takes the win at the Telkom 947 MTB Challenge

De Groot won the 55km race, just over two minutes ahead of Sarah Hill and three minutes in front of Theresa Ralph.

Robyn will take time off next season to recover after surgery to correct a long-term medical condition, de Groot was diagnosed with a blood flow and vascular issue, making this her final race for some time.

“There is a kink in one of the Iliac arteries and there are two areas of narrowing, which is called endofibrosis. I’m busy working with my medical aid to see if they can cover my surgery in Europe. I’ve got a surgery date provisionally booked for January” De Groot stated.

We wish her all the best and look forward to seeing her on the bike again in the near future.

Photo: Borrowed Into Cycling / Telkom 947